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Stop storing passwords

Start using a simple mnemonic

Next generation password manager

Allows you to work with classic and mnemonic passwords. No need for constant synchronization, no need to use a master password, no user restrictions.


For Android and Windows 10/11

Instruction > PIN-code

General view of the "PIN-code" page

This is the start page of the program. It allows you to change the current pin-code, as well as select the mode of the program.
The pin-code does not block access, it is just a parameter, so you can move between sections of the program at any time. To navigate to another page, you can use the main menu or the buttons on the bottom panel.
When starting the program, always check which pin-code is being used. Be especially careful if you use several different values.


This is the most important setting that is used to create unique passwords and protect stored data. Create one master pin-code and use it on all your devices.
The pin-code does not block access to sections of the program, as you might think, it is used to generate a mnemonic table, on the basis of which passwords are created. If you change the pin-code, the mnemonic table will also change, as well as all passwords that depend on it, even saved ones. In this case, there is no need to panic, just enter the correct pin-code.
For security reasons, try to keep the pin-code secret from outsiders, it will not be easy to change it. As already mentioned, passwords are tied to a specific pin-code. If you decide to change your pin-code, you will need to change your passwords as well.
For more security, you can use different pin-codes for different password groups, such as home and work. It is also recommended (but not required) to use a separate pin-code when entering the master-password, this is less convenient, but better in terms of security. Most importantly, always check which pin-code is currently being used.

Keyboard for entering a pin-code

To enter a pin-code, the program has its own virtual keyboard with several layout options. On devices running the Windows operating system, the pin-code can be typed using a physical keyboard.

Work mode

Allows you to select the work mode of the program. View a description of the work modes.

The project is created and supported by amaru: 2020 -2024


Password manager

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