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Stop storing passwords

Start using a simple mnemonic

Next generation password manager

Allows you to work with classic and mnemonic passwords. No need for constant synchronization, no need to use a master password, no user restrictions.


For Android and Windows 10/11

Privacy policy

01. Application

The application can store passwords, bank card data, and various text information in the internal memory of the device.

02. Access

The developer does not have access to the data stored in the application or device.

03. Third parties

The developer does not transfer information about user data to third parties.

04. Advertising

The commercial version of the application does not contain advertising modules that can track the user in any way.

05. Backup

The user, at his discretion, can make full or partial backups of his data and store them on external media or transfer to third parties. The backup files are encrypted. When backing up or restoring data, the user must enter their own password. Without the correct password, it will be impossible to restore data from the backup.

06. Permissions

To back up or restore data from a backup, the app needs permission to access the device's external storage. The app does not collect information about user files stored on the device.

07. Encryption

All critical user information in the application is encrypted by default. Such information can only be accessed by having access to the device.

08. Protection

The user, at his discretion, can protect the application data with a password. In this case, the data will not be available without a password.

09. Algorithms

The developer is not responsible for the standard encryption algorithms used in the development of the application.

10. Device

The developer is not responsible in case of hacking of the user's device or data backup. Remember, if you have enough resources, any protection can be hacked. Treat your devices and data responsibly. Always and everywhere use the most complex passwords.

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Password manager

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